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2010-07-21 / Bee Heard

Bee call:

(Editor’s note: Call The Bee at 632-0390 and record a one-minute comment on our Bee Heard line. It gives readers an opportunity to comment quickly and candidly on items of local or regional interest. Callers do not have to identify themselves and no callers’ names will be used. In the interest of fairness and good taste, The Bee will not publish derogatory or insulting comments. All comments are by our readers and are subject to editing.

. What poor people? I was a letter carrier for 30 years, lived in Clarence with five kids. Our first house, we borrowed $2,000 for it and paid the $2,000 back within a year. Now people can get $8,000 for their first home, a grant. My wife was a nurse; 80 percent of the time, she stayed home. We bought used clothes, appliances. As a do-it-yourselfer, we built a house: I poured concrete, I landscaped, I put hardwood down, etc. Many times, our enjoyment would be a Sunday ride.

.I know my comments on this issue are a little bit late. I just came back from vacation and was pleased to see that the Town Board did not permit the fireworks display on Newhouse Road that had become quite controversial. It’s my opinion that no private property owner should be allowed to shoot off fireworks at any time, including the Fourth of July. Let’s limit these fireworks displays to our parks and to our public facilities. Private fireworks displays should not be granted permits; permits should not be granted to anyone in a residential area, any private homeowner who can endanger others and themselves by shooting off fireworks.

.I would like to say that driving along any road in any area, the speed limit should be the speed that cars drive, and if they do not choose to do so, let them pull over and let the other cars pass, and then come back out and proceed with their trip after they’ve all gone by.

.I’m calling regarding the attack again on the volunteer firemen by Councilman Joe Weiss. I think It’s time that these things stop. These people provide outstanding and dedicated service to our community. Councilman Weiss needs to get over the sour grapes and move on to another issue. This is getting ridiculous.

. To Mr. Weiss: As a mother of five, I had a 3-year-old and I smelled fire, and the hot water tank was on fire. I got my precious child out, who is now 45 and a hospice nurse. I don’t believe money is more important than saving lives or people’s homes. Children are the most precious gift we’re blessed with. A firefighter named Paul Mc- Carthy who got there so fast and turned off the gas outside. There was no smoke damage; there was no water damage. Mr. Paul McCarthy is forever one of my heroes. You have a lot of gall worrying about money rather than children and lives and people.

.Like most new residents of Clarence, we moved here because we fell in love with the town and we wanted to live here. We are sure Joe Weiss moved here for the same reasons. Why has Joe, since he moved here, tried to change the town? He started with the garbage issue, several times, and that failed. Now he is trying to do away with the volunteer fire departments. We are truly blessed to have the volunteer firemen. They have done a great job for many years here. It’s a tradition and has given us very effective service. Joe, give up trying to change Clarence.

.Someone needs to inform Dan Meyer, the so-called political columnist, he needs to do his homework. A few weeks ago, he stated that Las Vegas was one of the best destinations for people to move to. Very untrue. Las Vegas is in the top three in the country for foreclosures. With very high unemployment, the condo and casino properties that were fully built the last two years sit empty because of a lack of tourists; and for people who do go there, they are just not spending any money to purchase these condos and are not spending money in the casinos like they used to. Las Vegas is one of the last cities you would want to move to.

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