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2010-11-10 / Letters to the Editor

Board comments were inappropriate

I am writing to express my disappointment regarding the discussions at the Clarence Town Board meeting as reported in the Oct. 27, 2010, Bee article, “Board members call for salary reductions.” Council members Peter DiCostanzo and Joseph Weiss’ suggestions that town employees’ salaries be reduced are insulting.

As a 20-year Clarence resident, I believe our town services are outstanding, clearly reflecting employees’ dedication and professionalism.

I was particularly incensed by Councilman Weiss’ suggestion that the supervisor position be reduced to part-time. What is Mr. Weiss’ basis for this assessment of the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor? His comment indicates that he lacks any concept of what is entailed in being the town’s executive manager, with responsibilities for development and management of the town budget, facilities, services, employees and public relations.

These responsibilities exceed the scope of a full-time position and in other sectors would command a salary much higher than what the supervisor is currently paid, particularly in view of his extraordinary educational credentials.

Scott Bylewski’s track record is evidenced by his accomplishments and recognition. Impeccable leadership during the air crash disaster and its aftermath, initiation of Lean Six Sigma and a strong conservative approach in town budgeting are only a few examples. In 2009, Business First of Buffalo recognized Scott with a “40 under 40” award, and on his own time and at his own expense, he completed the Bar Association of Erie County multiweek Leadership Institute.

Based on their comments at the Town Board meeting, Mr. Weiss and Mr. DiCostanzo’s suggestion that they are not “worth” their salaries as councilmen may indeed be true. They are very inappropriate to suggest their own inadequacies somehow extend to our town’s supervisor and employees.

Kristina M. Young

Hedgewood Drive

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