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2010-11-10 / Letters to the Editor

Fire companies save lives

I want to say thank you to Chief Rogowski and the Clarence Center Fire Company. As their chaplain, I have the privilege of going to calls with them and watching how they move with grace, integrity and action to help those who are need. But this past Saturday, those men and women were in my driveway this time with Engine 1.

After responding to a call at 5:15 a.m. to help deliver a baby around the corner from me, they came back just a few hours later to help diagnose a huge carbon monoxide problem in our basement (200-800 parts per million — below 10 is acceptable).

After I had worked in the basement for the morning, noticed the CO detector on the third floor reading 39 ppm and noticed that we all had headaches and were feeling fairly loopy, it seemed like a good idea to call the chief, who got the guys over to check it out. They responded, got us out of the house and checked out and ventilated the house, calling the right people in to rectify the situation, and all is OK now.

I give thanks today that our town has so many incredible fire companies filled with dedicated and trained volunteers that take time away from their personal lives and families to serve our community and save lives — even in my own house.

Steve Biegner

Hilton Drive

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