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2011-08-31 / Letters to the Editor

Weiss idea would increase taxes

Contrary to what Councilman (Joseph) Weiss would have you believe, it is clear he wants to raise your taxes and increase the size and cost of Clarence government.

Mr. Weiss claims he would “lower taxes” by replacing our volunteer firefighters with paid firemen, like Niagara Falls, where high-ranking firefighters get paid more than the chief. The Niagara Falls Fire Department paid its seven battalion chiefs between $96,350 and $145,000 last year, as reported in the media this month. His proposal would only raise the cost of fire protection and make government bigger. But that’s good for Mr. Weiss because to him it gives him more political power and control. For Clarence taxpayers, it means our taxes will only go up and up.

The real Mr. Weiss is highlighted by his political maneuvering in opposing a fireworks permit during a situation that could have made the town liable for a First Amendment lawsuit that would have cost many, many thousands of dollars. In fact, fellow Councilman (Bernard) Kolber said that voting “no” was a violation of First Amendment rights. In the end, when all the Town Board voted to approve it, Mr. Weiss still voted “no.” The town was lucky that Daniel Snyder did not sue but may not be so fortunate the next time Mr. Weiss uses his interpretation of the law to violate some other citizen’s rights

The truth is, Mr. Weiss’ actions and policies will result in bigger government, more taxes and a nasty, condescending voice. Clarence Republicans need fair and balanced Town Board representatives who will yield us better government. Now is the time to vote for Bernie Kolber and Bob Geiger in the Republican primary on Sept. 13.

Gary Hiramoto


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