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2012-02-22 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I thought the craziness was over during our last election season in Clarence where people were printing half truths and misleading information to get people worked up. Now Bernie Kolber is leading the charge by paying for two ads in The Bee. His large color ad is clearly trying to get us upset by stressing 17.4 housing units per acre is too much. Yes, on the surface it sounds like wow, but he doesn’t let on that it is for senior housing and he implies the entire town will become this densely populated. More houses just require more services; the return is low. Senior housing puts very little stress on our town: no increase on schools and no increase in traffic.

.Superintendent Hicks and the board of education seem determined to introduce a budget above the 2.9 percent calculated tax cap. They are seriously misjudging the mood of this community if they think we will bear a 5 percent tax increase. The silent majority will not be silent on voting day when we vote down any budget that exceeds the cap.

.When will the people who live on Herr Road north of the bike path be told to pick up all the garbage that has blown across the road from their houses? It is an eyesore and disgrace to all the neighbors who keep their yards looking good.

.Understand this: Bernie Kolber is not waging a one-man war. His support is broad and expanding as residents begin to realize that this isn’t just a vote for senior housing, it is rezoning at its worst. You must realize, once passed, an 18-unit complex, not just a senior facility, can be built anywhere in Clarence. Transit Road is one thing, but do you really want to open this can of worms?

.Why are teachers and children always the ones to make sacrifices for the sake of the school budget? Why aren’t administrators in district office asked to give up or consolidate their jobs and benefits? Maybe this needs to be looked into a bit more. I haven’t seen or heard one comment on what these people are willing to give up.

. I support Councilman Kolber’s request for sticking to the density requirements regarding the senior housing project on Transit and Roll. It is very important to meet the density requirements, plus there are many other issues, such as drainage, traffic, the environment and traffic congestion. I think the codes the town has in place should be enforced; I don’t think the town board should try to change the law to meet the builder’s or developer’s requests.

.I am appalled that the Clarence School Board is cutting support staff. First, regarding technology, they can’t keep their heads above water. My children always say the computers are down. Second, why are they are cutting from cleaners? Clarence has a huge lice problem in the elementary schools right now and taking away from cleaners is absurd.

.Two Western New York school districts — Amherst and Cheektowaga-Sloan — have negotiated contracts with teachers unions that include a freeze in wages and step increases. This was done to preserve the quality of education and avoid layoffs. This is what the Clarence School District needs, not drastic cuts or tax increases above the cap.

.Mr. Sherman’s comments in the Feb. 8 Bee about the younger audience being left in the cold was a joke. First, no one is being denied the opportunity to hear Rick Jeanneret, since he can be heard on the radio. Second, the fact that children may miss an opportunity to watch the only professional sport that still promotes fighting as part of the game is embarrassing. And third, why not promote or support some positive things parents could do with their children during the two and a half hours of no hockey broadcast? Here’s a chance for family time, but Mr. Sherman sees it as a loss. Can’t you do any better?

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