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2012-02-22 / Editorials

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CELEBRATION — There are a few annual events that remind me another year has passed, and one of those is the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Awards Dinner. I believe I’ve had the opportunity to attend the dinner four times now.

At the dinner on Thursday, organizers were creative in channeling the spirit of the theme of the “Clarence Academy Awards” with a big-screen television showing clips of noteworthy films and featuring “pa- parazzi” snapping photos of the attendees as they entered the door of Samuel’s Grande Manor via a red carpet.

I also enjoyed tasting baked Alaska for the first time.

Each year, the biographies of the award winners are read during the dinner, and each year, I’m familiar with the words, as I’ve edited them for inclusion in The Clarence Bee.

This year, as always, the award winners are truly remarkable for their service, their innovation and their willingness to invest in their community.

Congratulations to Paul Stephen, Citizen of the Year; Flora Leamer, Lifetime Achiever of the Year; Casilio Companies, Business of the Year; and Clarence Community Pantry Inc., Organization of the Year; as well as the previous Citizen of the Year honorees, who were also recognized during the event.

WHAT’S YOUR ADDRESS? — If emergency services were dispatched to your home or business today, would they quickly be able to find your house number during the day or night?

The Clarence Lions Club is offering for sale two 4-inch by 12-inch highly reflective house numbers for $25, which includes free installation on both sides of your mailbox.

Call before ordering if you share a mailbox post with your neighbor. For additional information on the house numbers, contact Lions President Tim Pazda at 984-3245 pazda@roadrunner.com.

The deadline for the house number campaign is the end of February so they can be manufactured and installed in April.

As in all Lions projects, the money raised goes back into the community to assist the needy, especially those with sight and hearing difficulties.

LOTS OF EMAIL — Reading my work emails can sometimes feel like a process searching through the garbage for something valuable. I’m amazed by the organizations and people who try to reach me with information that I consider irrelevant to my readers.

I’ve received emails encouraging me to cover events in New York City, California and even the United Kingdom. Columnists from throughout the United States put me on their email list to inform me about their thoughts on politics or musings on gardening.

While I may hit the delete button quickly on those emails, I do keep my eye out for correspondence from those who are contacting me regarding something with a direct Clarence connection. If you have any information to send me, you can reach me at akimbriel@beenews.com or 204-4921.

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