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2012-03-07 / Business

Naughty Nits opens head lice treatment center

Naughty Nits, a locally owned head lice treatment and removal service company, opened the doors to its new head lice treatment center in Clarence on March 6. The head lice treatment center is located at 2809 Wehrle Drive, near Transit Road, in Wehrle Commons.

Naughty Nits aims to provide an affordable, discreet, organic and time-saving head lice treatment service that beats the typical over-the-counter pharmaceutical or prescription treatment methods. Naughty Nits is also able to offer head checks so all family members can be screened and on-the-spot removal can be provided at the treatment center. In-your-home head lice treatment services will continue to be offered by appointment only.

Call Naughty Nits at 907-3601 for more information and to book an appointment or visit www.naughtynits.com for more information.

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