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2012-03-14 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I’m calling in support of Councilman Kolber. Bernie has the best interest of the town at heart. What he has done and what he has always done is to stand up for the little guy to stand up for the residents. I say, thank you Councilman Kolber.

.I commend Clarence School Superintendent Jeff Hicks and the members of the school board for conducting frequent public forums to elicit opinions on the upcoming budget and the district’s educational priorities. I also support the excellent teachers and district staff who unquestionably provide our students with a topnotch education. However, I am disappointed with the forums. In my opinion, each forum is being hijacked by the Clarence Teachers Union. When a “Clarence resident” stands to speak, s/he fails to mention they are also a Clarence teacher or district employee. I believe these open forums are really an open platform for the unions. Union members, please show integrity and stop deceiving by omission by saying, I am not only a Clarence resident, but I am also a proud district union member as well.

.I am a longtime Clarence resident, and I attended the March 3 school budget meeting. Shame on the superintendent and school board parading obviously-prompted children before attendees. This debate should be limited to voting age residents only.

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