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2012-04-11 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Congratulations to the Clarence Kiwanis Club on its 10th annual Easter Egg Hunt. My grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed the hunt, activities and prizes. Thanks to those whose efforts and support provide the event for our community.

.The school superintendent seems to be saying he doesn’t believe he can work within the budget cap in future contracts. He needs to understand that’s what he’s paid to do. Maybe Gov. Cuomo could explain it to him.

.Supervisor Hartzell has it wrong. Transit Road is not a good location for senior housing. The noise, air pollution the high-speed traffic will all endanger seniors’ lives. There is nothing good about the proposal; put it somewhere in the heart of Clarence, not on a high-traffic road like Transit.

.I live near Strickler and Greiner roads. I think this intersection should be made safer. I’ve seen cars going full speed through the stop signs, both day and night, when there is no traffic coming. Unfortunately, I’m afraid more stop signs or a signal won’t make much difference.

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