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2012-10-31 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Why is there a bias against part-time employees in the Town of Clarence? Full-time employees are getting a raise, yet part-timers are excluded so the supervisor and Town Board members can save money. Then they are paying for a new town logo; taxpayers will pick up this tab. Loyalty should go to dedicated workers, not to new town logos.

.Does Clarence have a noise restriction? If so, what is it, please?

.Does anyone know why the Meadowlakes Park ice rink is never filled anymore? The town used to fill it with water, and the residents would clear it as needed. It was a really fun thing for kids.

.Mr. Hartzell is thinking about putting in a roundabout at Harris Hill and Wehrle. We live in that area, and he should spend a day to see how difficult it is for the large trucks to go through that intersection. A roundabout would be disastrous, because a lot of motorists don’t give you the right of way and with the large trucks from Buffalo Crushed Stone, I doubt if anything would get through that intersection. Maybe widening the road in that area would be more feasible.

.It is refreshing to see one councilman,

Peter DiCostanzo, stand up for the truth regarding the annual town budget. Thank you, Councilman Di- Costanzo, for your courage.

.The school crossing guards at Harris Hill Elementary and Nativity would like to thank the state trooper responsible for getting new crossing signs posted on Harris Hill Road. They are clearly visible. Please slow down in school zones for the safety of our children. Thanks also to the town crew who put the signs up; we appreciate it.

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