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2012-10-31 / Letters to the Editor

Sightseers interrupt daily life on street

There continues to be a daily presence on Long Street in Clarence Center of sightseers at the memorial for the victims of the crash of Flight 3407.

As a resident who lives directly across the street from the site, I’m tired of witnessing a “constant parade” of sightseers, coming in cars, riding bicycles, walking or riding in a school bus.

Some of them block my driveway or park across the street so it’s difficult for me to get out.

Some park on the grass, and I’ve put traffic cones on a parking pad my husband used when he was alive.

Some individuals are respectful, and some act as if I don’t belong in my own front yard. Some stay and have lunch, and one couple left their car, apparently went to buy lunch, and returned to the site and sat on the bench to eat it.

On Labor Day they stood in line, and, in the evening, a fairly large group of individuals came and stayed until after dark and appeared to be having a “party.”

Granted, this was a terrible tragedy, but, I wonder, does anyone ever consider the residents of the street and our need for personal privacy?

Anita Schaubert
Long Street

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