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2013-01-16 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I have to agree with the retired teacher who mentioned the security issues at the schools. I have also noticed there is no real security at the schools, and that nothing has been improved since recent events. I really wish I would feel safe sending my children to school, but I do not. I hope they do something before it’s too late.

.Thank you to the two ladies who stopped to rescue me when I fell after skiing. I could have righted myself eventually, but it’s nice to know there are such helpful people who “don’t pass by on the other side.” They were good. Thank you.

.I wish there was a ban on after-market exhaust modifications. I never knew how many people wanted their cars to sound like a lawnmower.

.Connor Road in Clarence is a mess; it needs work on drainage, striping and potholes. Contact Legislator Edward Rath at 858-8676; let him know you want him to put some money in the budget for Connor Road.

.I was disappointed to learn of the deer hunting program now being phased out for out-of-town hunters. It appears it is all about the money now, and town residents will be receiving $50 for every deer they kill. That’s taxpayer money that is going toward a program that doesn’t need to be, when there were enough out-of-town hunters willing to come here for free for the sport and enjoyment of hunting to cleanup the deer population. It appears politics and money lead the way again.

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