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2013-10-09 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I see that the Clarence Chamber of Commerce will be meeting at the Protocol, a restaurant that is not within the Town of Clarence. There are several restaurants in the Town of Clarence, whether they are renters or owned, that pay taxes in the Town of Clarence. Why is it we want to go outside the town to meet and talk about business inside the town?

.Whoever took my son’s toolbox, 20 carriage bolts and boxes of screws from the baseball diamonds at Thompson Road, please return to 5100 Thompson. He was building a bridge for the community at the Clarence Nature Center for his Boy Scout Eagle Project.

.Dear Clarence High School administration, teachers, and all involved, please chaperone the homecoming dance strictly, so we don’t have to read about it after the fact. Clarence High School has had enough bad publicity lately; please make sure the children are being watched carefully. Thank you.

.I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all those family members of Flight 3407 crash in Clarence Center almost five years ago. They spent countless hours and numerous trips to Washington to meet with elect officials to change the laws to make flying safer for all of us in this country. We have much to be proud of despite the tragedy, because we have such dedicated people willing to work for the good of society.

.The pavement on Goodrich Road, between Greiner and Clarence Center, is now striped. The county has left the middle of the road unpaved, while the two ends are paved. This looks horrible, especially in our historic district. Also, there are no lines at all on the road, yellow or white.

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