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2013-10-09 / Letters to the Editor

Tax excuse a poor choice for Gaughan

Maybe it seems like we are not noticing the political contest for Erie County comptroller, but believe me, I have noticed. [David Sherman’s] comments were so apropos and appreciated.

Residents of Erie County pay county taxes as well as federal and state taxes. Enough already, Kevin Gaughan.

I have listened to your self-serving gibberish on TV, at town board meetings and on Main Street as you sought the limelight and elective offices for far too long.

As a lawyer you should know better — shame on you. I took care of my ailing father for the last 14 years of his life and would not have dreamed of fudging on our taxes, much less blaming him. It was a priority and duty to pay the city, county, state and federal taxes. The sacrifices I made were a privilege to make his last days worry-free.

Owing more than $5,000 indicates you had earned far more and should have been able to pay the taxes and still have enough for necessities. You fudge with the truth but will not fool anyone in Erie County. If you can’t manage your own finances, you certainly cannot be trusted with the county’s dol- lars. It is as simple as that.

Your opponent has done an excellent job and has the personal values, character and work ethic to serve the Erie County taxpayers with continued hard work, honesty and his personal integrity, which has earned him re-election as comptroller.

Dr. Marian M. Gray
Main Street

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