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2014-09-10 / Front Page

Proposed subdivision concerns neighbors


A proposed 12-lot subdivision made waves at the Clarence Town Planning Board meeting on Sept. 3. The project, located at 8196 County Road, came before the board for an open space design concept review.

Developers Ron and Andrew Grimm fielded many questions from the board and neighboring residents about buffers between existing homes and the relatively small size of some of the lots proposed.

“If you have an 88-foot-deep lot and your houses are 35 to 40 feet deep, depending on how far back it sits from the street and or the right of way, you may come very close to the rear property line and encroach on some homes that currently exist there,” board member Paul Shear said.

The Grimm brothers said they intended to leave any existing foliage as a buffer between properties, but the board was unconvinced, noting that once the lots are sold, new homeowners can do what they want with the trees and brush.

The board asked if the Grimms had considered flipping the layout of the design, placing the majority of the lots away from the homeowners in attendance. They replied that it wasn’t a possibility due to wetlands on the property.

Terry Finn, who owns the adjacent parcel to the east of the project, expressed much concern after a development was built on the east side of his property. He described a nightmare scenario where the developer dumped water onto his land throughout the building process. There were also trees removed from his property without consent.

“My concerns are the new developer on the other side,” Finn said. “I have had a finger pushed into my chest by the other developer, and they told me they’re going to do whatever they want and there is nothing I can do to stop it. And you know what, they’re right.”

Ida Hoehman, who lives on the western side of the proposed development, said that when the leaves are gone from the trees in the winter, she can see clear across Finn’s property and see into the homes in the new development.

“If you put more houses 15 feet from my house, they are going to be sitting right next to me,” Hoehman said. “They talk about leaving some of the trees up, but I’m concerned about that too. If all of the soil is disrupted from digging, are those trees going to fall on my house?”

Andrew Grimm stated that he would “go through every hoop to make sure that the project is done right.”

Following the preliminary concept review of the project, the board commenced a 30-day review under the State Environmental Quality Review Act.

The next scheduled Planning Board meeting on Sept. 17 has been canceled. The next meeting will take place at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 1, at Town Hall, 1 Town Place.

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