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2014-10-29 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The Clarence Town Board and Supervisor should agree to have a crossing guard for the students at Transit Middle School. Safety should be the number-one priority for kids who like to walk to and from school. Kudos to Amherst for realizing you can’t put a price on saving kids’ lives.

.Why should Amherst residents pay for crossing guards for kids from Clarence to cross Transit Road? Our school taxes, which are ridiculously high, pay for your child to take a school bus to school. If parents know it’s dangerous to cross Transit, then it’s time to start being a parent and tell your child to take a bus.

.For Halloween, please remind children and parents not to go to homes with no lights on.

.One person does not ruin a senior center. The Clarence Senior Center has many great programs and activities that you are missing because of your attitude. Join and see for yourself. The senior center is a haven of great people having fun. How can you pass judgment when you have never attended anything? I say, this is your loss.

.I can’t believe the town supervisor wants to cut the security department budget. This is a real shame. I’m a frequent user of the bike paths, and I have been enjoying seeing our security forces and have felt more secure.

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