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2015-01-07 / Editorials

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HAPPY NEW YEAR — I married a seafood manager. And as such, I have accepted that the holidays for others are not as much fun for him. Case and point: New Year’s Eve.

Every year, we typically do not make any plans to go out because it is the single busiest day on the calendar for his department. He does an entire week’s worth of sales in a single afternoon.

I see in the days leading up to the holiday posts on social media about party plans that everyone has, and I never go because I know it would make him sad if I was out having fun without him — even though he would tell me otherwise and beg me to go have a good time.

This year I got a treat. He was out of work early on Dec. 31. And to top it all off, one of my favorite bands was playing a concert downtown. We got tickets and went with one of my friends from high school and had a blast. It was the best New Year’s Eve I have ever had.

I hope your holiday season was great and that you made some great memories as well.

I TAKE IT BACK— You may recall in a recent Spindle column, I mentioned how much I was looking forward to colder weather so that my backyard would freeze and I wouldn’t have muddy paw prints throughout the house. I never asked for it to get this cold though.

There are certain luxuries in life that disappear in negative 20-degrees wind chills. Mainly the ability to open a window and air out the kitchen after something in the oven catches fire. Also, your car window won’t open in the drive through on your morning coffee run into work. Sigh.

So to those who were offended when I begged Jack Frost to bring relief to a dog owner, I apologize. Even the dogs don’t want to be out there for more than a minute.

LONGER DAYS — With 2015 here, I have already noticed the days are beginning to ever-so-slightly get longer. Just this week, I was driving home from work at 5:30 p.m. and there was still the faint purply-blue-yellow color hovering in the sky above a traffic light while I was stopped. It was pitch black out by 5 p.m just a few weeks ago.

I think the anticipation of the holidays keeps people from getting too down in the dumps when winter takes full effect. But once that distraction goes away, the days spent in the office without any sunshine can take their toll.

I like to keep tabs on the length of daylight each day when the holidays are over because it keeps me focused on the fact that each day is getting longer and longer. Consider it an extraordinarily long and drawn out buildup towards spring. Stay warm and before you know it, we’ll be featuring photos of people dressed in tank tops and flip flops on the front page instead of parkas. In the meantime, keep an eye on the clock at sunset.

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