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2015-04-01 / Front Page

Neighbors air concerns about new dealership


Neighboring residents of a proposed auto dealership had the opportunity to express their concerns about the project during the Town Board meeting held March 25.

Towne Maserati is seeking to build a 2,400-square-foot, two-vehicle showroom at 8215 Main St., where an existing, vacant office building currently sits. The new showroom would be in addition to the existing building.

There are no plans for the office building at the moment, and it is something homeowners of adjacent properties would like to see remain.

Foxwood Lane resident Donna Callahan said during the public comment session that other dealership buildings nearby have created headaches in the past.

“One day there was a field and the next day there were these huge lights,” Callahan said. “They were supposed to be shut off at 9 p.m., and that’s not regularly happening. And now this is a similar type of property. I am concerned about the lighting, the upkeep of the property.”

Callahan added she hoped to see an existing berm between the dealership site and adjacent houses maintained, if not improved.

“There’s a lot of dead trees right now,” she said.

Concerns about drainage and sewage were also raised. Lighting for Maserati will be limited to the building, and existing lighting there will remain. Jim Callahan, town director of community development, stated that there should be no issues with drainage as a larger building had been previously approved at the site for a project that did not come to fruition.

The project will need to get approval from the landscape committee before any construction can begin, which will address the berm.

Other concerns raised included the blockage of an access road to the nearby Stonegate Apartments and the noise that outside service speakers would create. Councilman Patrick Casilio said he knew of the noise that already existing dealerships nearby create with the speakers.

“I live about a mile away, and I can hear them calling cars all day long,” Casilio said. “I can imagine what it’s like living closer.”

The project was granted a special exception use permit with the condition that no outside speakers would be attached to the building.

In other matters, the Wehrle Golf Dome apartment project also received a special exception use permit. The 112-unit multifamily housing complex — to be located at 8230 Wehrle Drive - has fueled speculation as to when the golf dome that currently exists on the site may be removed.

Last month, project representatives said the dome would remain up through 2015. But plans call for a new commercial building to take its place at some point in the future.

“There are no definite plans, but as long as the dome can stay in place, it will stay in place,” attorney Sean Hopkins, who represented the project, said.

Also, Heritage Ministries, which operates the Vinecroft Senior Housing complex off Clarence Center Road, introduced plans to build two new patio-style duplexes on its campus. Vinecroft currently has 44 apartments in its main building and nine duplexes. A representative said there was immediate demand for the additional buildings. The project was referred to the Planning Board for further review.

The next Town Board meeting will take place at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 15, at Town Hall, 1 Town Place.

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