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2015-05-27 / Editorials

Out of the Past

125 Years Ago
May 29, 1890

Rumor says that Clarence is soon to have an assistant postmistress.

We have once before alluded to the bad condition of our sidewalks and urged our citizens to start a subscription toward repairing them, but so far, no move has been made. Is it possible that we lack enterprise to undertake this work?

Mr. S. Hershey and son are beautifying the interior of the Baptist church at Hunt’s Corners, painting, calcimining, etc.

Chain your dogs, for the census taker will soon be among us, and if he gets too impertinent with his questions, let the dogs loose. If he confronts you with the threat of a fine, laugh at him.

A man in Chicago owns the sleigh in which Napoleon traveled in when getting out of Russia in 1812. But when he offered it for sale the other day, no one wanted to give over $5 for it.

The ideal home should be a haven of rest sought by the husband after the day’s toils and worries are over. Home should be the spot where the family’s happiness is concentrated and looked upon by the children as the dearest place on earth.

A Pennsylvania editor has recently figured it out that the reduction in size of the two-cent postage stamp will save the American people annually three and a half acres of licking.

“A modest minister out West marries couples for a dozen eggs and the first kiss of the bride.”

100 Years Ago
May 27, 1915

The Methodist Home for Children was occupied for the first time by 18 children.

Services are scheduled to be held at Clarence on Memorial Day.

An obituary appeared for Sara N. Graybeil of California who died May 22, 1915.

75 Years Ago
May 30, 1940

The annual Memorial Day service will take place this morning under the auspices of Clarence Post No. 838, American Legion. Exercises will be held at the Fillmore Cemetery.

Believed to be the victim of a stray shot, the [fatal] shooting of a 17-year-old boy from Buffalo was reported by State Police to be the climax of the stealing of a swanky 1940 model convertible coupe from the Buffalo Country Club. The shooting occurred late Sunday evening on Sheridan Drive, Town of Clarence.

The Harris Hill Family Life Study Club met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Alan Nicol on Harris Hill Road. Mrs. Edison Egner assisted the hostess.

Clarence lost another of its old residents this week in the death of Christian A. Roth on Sunday, May 26, 1940. Mr. Roth was a mason by trade.

50 Years Ago
May 27, 1965

New wide-angle mirrors showing drivers the area immediately in front of their vehicles have been installed on all 105 school buses operated by Cottrell Bus Service. Two months ago, Cottrell also installed drivers’ safety belts on all its fleet.

Veteran Indianapolis 500 driver Jim Hurtubise states that progress in the development of the rear engine cars since last season makes it almost a sure bet that the era of the roadster will end this year at the speedway. “I’d like a large slice of that record-setting purse of $500,000,” he said. (Editor’s note: The winner of this year’s race earned $2.5 million.)

Geo. C. Frey advertises ready-mixed concrete with gravel or crushed stone aggregate. “We do not deliver on Saturday.”

For Rent: “Main St., corner Gunnville, furnished apartment suitable for one person, kitchen, bath and bed-living room. Private entrance, laundry facilities. $75/month.”

25 Years Ago
May 30, 1990

Three residents are running unchallenged for seats on the Clarence Board of Education: Jane T. Floss, James A. Powers and Thomas W. Yaiko. Voting takes place on June 6.

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