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2016-01-27 / Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Plaza egress will affect neighborhood

As a Farmington Woods/Woodlands resident for 30 years, we and our neighbors are directly facing the potential negative consequences of an upcoming Town Board decision that all Clarence residents should be concerned with. An issue currently being considered by the town Planning Board is the possible creation of an access road between the plaza at 6429 Transit Road and the entrance/ exit to the Farmington Woods/Woodlands subdivision, consisting of 31 homes.

The Transit Road Corridor Management Study, written in June 2004, reached the following conclusions:

There should be identification along Transit Road where the depth of the zone can be increased to accommodate more substantial projects

This should be done without impacting upon existing residential neighborhoods

You can clearly see the result of this policy on the east side of Transit Road, among other places, with the access road connecting the Eastern Transit Plaza that includes Just Pizza with the Valu Home Center Plaza. Customers at both can share the traffic light at Valu Home Center Plaza to enter Transit Road, making either a left or right-hand turn. This is an example of where this policy is appropriate and works well. An access road is created to allow for more business activity with no negative effect to a residential neighborhood.

The important difference between this newly considered project and the existing access road at Eastern Transit/Valu Home Center plazas is the negative effect on the Farmington Woods/Woodlands residential neighborhood. This negative effect comes in the form of overall safety concerns, reduced property values and greatly increased traffic on a residential street.

The Transit Road corridor study was clearly written to protect existing residential neighborhoods. We are all in hope that the Planning Board does not make a decision contrary to its own policy.

Fred Cook
Woodberry Court

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