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2017-04-19 / Business

Hollow Association prepares for summer events

President Clarence Hollow Association

Last month, I invited anyone who had an idea on how to improve the Hollow to contact me, or any other board member. I have not heard from anyone. People are quick to complain, but we can’t help address the complaint without communication. Our mission is to help make the Hollow a better place, but aimless complaining does no good. Why don’t you let us know how we can help? You can email me at joconnell@grantsareus.com or call me at 759-8580.

At our last board meeting, we had a discussion again on identifying a property that our organization could improve and beautify. In the past, we did two: the historic home on the corner of Salt Road and Main Street, and the Cornerstone Restaurant. If you have one or know of one, please contact me and I can provide an application to you.

As I reported several months ago, we were going to use our profits from Hollowfest to install a beautiful clock at the M&T Bank. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out due to issues with the complexity of hooking the electricity up to the bank. We searched for another place and identified the corner of Ransom Road and Main. Once again, the property owner was unwilling to work with us. Now, the new location is in front of the Farmers Market. This property is owned by the Town of Clarence, so it is my hope that it will welcome an enhancement to the Hollow that is paid for by the CHA.

As a reminder, the annual Memorial Day Chicken Barbecue will be held Monday, May 29, at the Clarence Town Park after the parade, from noon until all chickens are sold. You can dine in the park pavilion or take your dinner home. Hot dogs will be available for those who do not like chicken. A chicken dinner and drink is $10, and a hot dog with a drink is $5.

You can help us in the following ways: Volunteer to help serve or work at the basket raffle table, contribute a basket or gift certificates to the basket raffle, and attend the event right after the Memorial Day Parade and enjoy the chicken dinner. If you can help us, contact Heather Milone at 759-8580.

The main way that we make a profit at this event is through the basket raffle. Last year, everyone came thorough, and we had more than 100 baskets. Once again, Kathy Yu and Kathy Schmidt have volunteered to be our basket raffle chairpersons. If you can contribute, please contact Kathy Yu at 432-7894 or


Here’s a reminder that Clarence High School students can volunteer with us and earn their community service hours. We need student support at both the Memorial Day Barbecue on Monday, May 29, and Hollowfest from July 1 through 3. Contact Heather Milone at hmilone@grantsareus.com or 759-8580, and she will find a place for you.

In closing, I would like to thank our town liaison, Councilman Bob Geiger, for his continued commitment to attend our board meetings and events.

Also, a big part of many things we do involves the town’s Community Development Office. Thank you to Jim Callahan, director of planning, and Jonathan Bleuer, junior planner, for all of their assistance when we call on them.

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