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2017-05-17 / Business

Memorial Day BBQ a big event for Hollow

President Clarence Hollow Association

I’d like to express my surprise and disappointment when I read in last week’s Clarence Bee that the town is considering a request to let someone open a farmers market on County Road. I have read the Town Board and Planning Board minutes, and it is obvious that this will be very harmful to our Clarence Hollow Farmers Market.

The Hollow Market has been a staple for 10 years and a draw for people to visit the Hollow. To have another competing market will dilute it and undermine all the hard work and dedication of the Hollow Market volunteers and merchants.

Hollow Market volunteers have worked tirelessly to improve and expand the market, and it is an anchor attraction in the Hollow. Thanks to the town installing sewers in northern Clarence, a huge population now resides in northern Clarence. I seriously doubt that that population will continue to come to the Hollow when a market is right around the corner.

The loss of the Clarence Farmers Market will have disastrous consequences to the Hollow. If you feel the same way as our board of directors does, please email or call the Town Board. You can reach the supervisor, Pat Casilio, at 741-8930, or pcasilio@clarence.ny.us.

Next on the Clarence Hollow Association schedule is the annual Memorial Day chicken barbecue. It will be held at noon Monday, May 29, at the Clarence Town Park after the parade. You can dine in the park pavilion or take your dinner home. Hot dogs will be available for those who do not like chicken. Chicken dinner and a drink are $10, and a hot dog and drink are $5.

The Hollow Association does not make very much money running this event, but we do it to add to and support the Town of Clarence Memorial Day Parade in remembrance of all our veterans.

The main way that we make a profit at this event is through the basket raffle. Last year, everyone came through, and we had more than 100 baskets. Once again, Kathy Yu and Kathy Schmidt have volunteered to be our basket raffle chairpersons. If you can contribute, please contact Kathy Yu at 432-7894 or email Kathyyu58@aol.com.

In addition to a basket raffle donation, you can help us by volunteering to serve or work at the basket raffle table. If you can help us, contact Heather Milone at 759-8580. Clarence High School students can also receive community service hours for volunteering. Please consider attending the event right after the Memorial Day parade and enjoy the chicken dinner.

In closing, I would like to thank my board of directors for their work and their vision to make the Hollow a better place. However, we cannot do it alone. Help us by expressing your opinion regarding the Farmers Market to town officials, donate a basket or attend the chicken barbecue. These are small things that will show that you support all of the board’s efforts.

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