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2017-10-11 / Local News

‘Delahaye’ project gets site plan approval from Planning Board


The former car dealership located at 10885 Main St. will see a significant rehabilitation into a high-end antique store and set of seven apartments should Kelly Schultz’s “Delahaye” project continue to move forward.

Schultz, who owns Antique World, is seeking to convert the former auto showroom into a lavish antique retail space for wealthy connoisseurs. Schultz received site plan approval, during the Planning Board’s Oct. 4 meeting, for a 30-lot open space design subdivision located on the north side of Roll Road.

Dave Sutton of Sutton Architecture spoke on behalf of the project which calls for a total of seven apartments — three on the lower level and four on the upper — two of which will have access to a rooftop terrace.

A small addition to the footprint of the building will be added in the southeast corner that will introduce a stairway which will allow for circulation to the second floor apartments.

“The Main Street façade, we’ve taken some care and consideration for the picture of Main Street design standards. We’re trying to introduce what we feel is a positive spin on an existing building,” said Sutton. “The building is an old car dealership, which is probably not the most pedestrian-friendly building type out there.”

The existing pavement in the front of the building will be extracted and replaced by landscaping elements that will create connectability to the Main Street sidewalks.

“Based on our estimations, the surface that exists there now, there’s less than three percent actual greenspace,” Sutton said. “We have redesigned this site plan and we’re trying to get upwards of 30 percent greenspace onto this property.”

The introduction of green elements, according to Sutton, are part of a comprehensive plan to give the building a greater pedestrian appeal. The building’s current brick façade will be updated and its overhead garage door at the front will be removed.

Sutton added that a garage structure will be built at the back of the property which will also act as a screening device to the residents to the south of the project. The garage will contain 10 storage units for the residents of the seven apartments.

Planning Board Member Steven Dale told Sutton that while he appreciated the design’s green elements, he was discontented that it failed to meet the 40 percent greenspace condition required for new projects by the town code.

“This is a beautiful plan that is going to enhance Clarence, and yet I’m disappointed that there’s only 30 percent greenspace,” Dale said. “You’re forcing me to vote no, even though I really like it.”

Jim Callahan, director of community development for the Town of Clarence, interjected to state that the project is in compliance with the code given that it falls under the preexisting, nonconforming section of the law, and is therefore not required to maintain 40 percent greenspace.

“We’re doing a 10 times multiplier of introducing greenspace that wasn’t there,” Sutton said. “We did everything we could within this design. I think 40 percent [greenspace] is a tall task to achieve in a new construction, but nearly impossible in an existing renovation.”

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