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2017-11-08 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

Kudos to the caller who commented on our garbage situation. I am in complete agreement with what was stated.

Don’t blame the garbage trucks for tearing up the roads. What about dump trucks hauling heavy equipment, town trucks, school buses, etc? I voted it down and haven’t changed my mind. It will only be added to our taxes, and my taxes are high enough. Conner and Goodrich roads are prime examples of neglect. County government has money for everything but taking care of our roads; they could care less about taxpayers in the north but they keep getting voted back in.

I think the town or county should paint some white lines along the edges of Wolcott Road. It’s very dangerous in the morning when it is dark; you can’t tell where the ditches are.

I thought it was against the law for residents in the Town of Clarence to pile leaves and yard debris in the roadway. As I am driving around town, I see an awful lot of leaves, yard clippings, etc. in the road. Maybe the sheriff’s department or the compliance officer need to get out and pay some folks a visit.

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