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2017-11-22 / Local News

BlueCross BlueShield provides tips to stay healthy during the holidays

The holiday season is officially upon us.

A staggering 62 percent of individuals experience elevated levels of stress during what should be the most wonderful time of year, according to research from Healthline.

A new audiocast from BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York draws attention to the common issue. In the free episode titled, “How to Stress Less this Holiday Season,” Kelly Hahl, BlueCross BlueShield’s manager of health and wellness programs, shares simple ways to reduce stress and anxiety during the holidays, while staying healthy and energized.

According to Hahl, a registered dietician, individuals can follow these simple steps:

Make time for favorite traditions. Instead of trying to fit everything into your busy schedule, spend time on traditions that mean the most to you and your family.

Make your health a priority. Schedule time to prepare meals, and exercise. Even a moderate exercise like raking leaves or shoveling can help offset increased calories consumption.

Set a budget and stick to it. Use an app that can help track spending and take advantage of holiday shopping deals.

Get organized and plan ahead. Look ahead at your calendar and note family, friend and work obligations so you can plan time for shopping, baking and wrapping.

Take time for yourself. Taking even just 15 minutes for yourself each day can refresh your mind so you are more prepared to tackle your next task.

“During the holiday season, it’s important to tune into your body’s needs and respond when something feels off,” said Hahl. “By finding ways to incorporate activities that help keep your stress levels low, you’ll spend the season making memories instead of feeling overwhelmed.”

The new audiocast is the latest in health plan’s Point of Health series launched in Dec. 2016. Hosted by BlueCross BlueShield’s VP of corporate relations, Julie R. Snyder, Point of Health audiocasts are posted bi-monthly and feature an interview with experts on health insurance and health care, covering a variety of perspectives and information.

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