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2017-11-29 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

Shame on the president of the Clarence Hollow Association for equating the disrespectful actions of the NFL players to our town officials.

The Republicans are nuts for approving this tax plan. They should stop it right now.

I was very disappointed to read Jean O’Connell’s column in the Nov. 15 edition of The Clarence Bee. Ms. O’Connell is using the column that is provided to her by The Bee as a way to spread bad feelings here in the town about our Town Board. In her letter, she mentions the Clarence Town Board removed the line for fireworks after the demise of Day in the Park. What she failed to mention is that the Hollowfest event was the main reason that there is no longer a Day in the Park event, a popular event in Clarence for 30-plus years. She also has no history on how fireworks became an integral part of Day in the Park and how they eventually were paid for by the town. It’s important to be aware of all the correct facts before placing an article in the paper or on social media.

Jean O’Connell’s remark about the town taking a knee has been the talk of my neighborhood. Many of us will boycott Hollowfest. That comment was grossly out of line.

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