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2017-12-06 / Letters to the Editor

Town should provide support to Hollowfest

I would like to respond to the comments about the efforts of the Clarence Hollow Association to have the town underwrite the fireworks display that honors the 4th of July.

Day in the Park was invited to merge with Hollowfest, and they declined. They were invited numerous times and advised that they would be free to place their event on any day they choose in any way they choose. Their choice was to discontinue their event, through no fault of Hollowfest.

The “taking a knee” comment in The Bee article was used because it is currently symbolic of disrespecting a patriotic opportunity, which is what July 4th fireworks are. All we are asking is that the Town Board support and continue a patriotic community observation of our country’s independence.

Why would it matter to the town who is sponsoring the event? All that should matter is that it is for all of our community to enjoy. The town was willing to support it when it occurred during Day in the Park; it should be just as willing to do so when it occurs during Hollowfest.

Hollowfest is a continuation of an event that began in the town park in the 1950s. It has grown each year and is enjoyed by thousands. It is good for our community; it brings people here to see what our community has to offer just as Williamsville and Lancaster do during the summer.

We enjoy it, it is fun, and it is our only fireworks display honoring our independence. We should all encourage our elected representatives to support it. We have a very large tax base. Our town can well afford supporting this patriotic community event.

To do so will please the hundreds, including wide-eyed children, who come to see the fireworks display each year. We need to be a positive and friendly community. Also, please note that the invitation to Day in the Park to join us in one mega-event is still open.

Paul Cambria
Cobblestone Drive
CHA Board Member

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