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2017-12-27 / Editorials

For the new year, try a new resolution: volunteer

A new year is nearly upon us, and we’re sure that many of you have made resolutions to either put an end to a lingering bad habit or lose weight, which may be two of the most common types of resolutions.

We know that sometimes it’s difficult to remain vigilant in keeping the promise to yourself and hold yourself accountable if you are failing in your resolve.

Many resolutions involve giving yourself a healthier lifestyle, such as eating a balanced diet or exercising within a consistent schedule.

While those resolutions are highly beneficial to you, there is one resolution that will be of benefit not only to you, but also to the community.

This year, we urge you to consider a different resolution: volunteerism. Although most of us are busy in our lives, volunteer work doesn’t have to consume all of our free time. If you choose something that fits your lifestyle, you can make a realistic commitment to helping others this year. If giving back to others or getting more involved with the community is on your list, here are a few ways to reach your goals. We urge you to consider becoming a member of a local group that assists others.

If you support the mission of the Clarence-Newstead Meals on Wheels Task Force but have not become involved with the organization, you might want to consider donating your time to make a difference to those who receive the meals. There are also three Rotary clubs and the Clarence Lions Club, which may also need your help. While they may have separate goals, their missions are still the same: to help others in need.

Additionally, you may want to consider volunteering for your area fire company. You can check out its website or follow its social media handles for open house information, or just call the non-emergency lines.

Furthermore, if you happen to be involved with an Amherst nonprofit organization seeking volunteers or other assistance, let The Clarence Bee know by calling 204-4921 or emailing epowers@beenews.com.

Make one of your New Year’s resolutions be an effort to help others by volunteering for an organization that needs your help.

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