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2018-01-03 / Editorials

SAFE Act requires recertification; permit holders reminded to not delay

Erie County Legislator

When New York State approved the “SAFE Act” it increased many regulatory requirements on its citizens. Permit holders prior to Jan. 15, 2013, must recertify with the New York State Police by Jan. 31, 2018. Those who fail to recertify will be out of compliance and could have their permit revoked. Please do not delay if you need to recertify. According to the NY SAFE Act, failure to recertify within the prescribed period “shall act as a revocation of such license.”

To assist permit holders with this new regulatory process and to raise awareness, my office is hosting two pistol permit outreach seminars with the County Clerk’s Office.

The outreaches will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 5, at the Clearfield library, 770 Hopkins Rd., Amherst and from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 10, at the Newstead Public Library, 33 Main St. in Akron. I urge anyone who has not yet recertified to attend one of these events. For years I have not agreed with the NY SAFE Act, and in fact I have sponsored resolutions in the Erie County Legislature calling for the full repeal of this regulatory burden. However, the SAFE Act is law in New York, and I encourage permit holders to abide by these requirements.

To further this compliance effort, 20 computer stations have been made available at the Erie County Clerk’s Office for pistol permit recertification. The office is located on the first floor at 92 Franklin St., Buffalo. Hard copies of the state’s recertification form are available at each Auto Bureau in Erie County and at the Pistol Permit Office. Those forms must be mailed to: New York State Police, Pistol Permit Bureau Building 22, 1220 Washington Ave., Albany, New York, 12226.

The New York State Police sent letters to pistol permit holders who received permits prior to Jan. 15, 2013, and you should direct questions to the state police. Permit holders must also note, if your license was issued on or after Jan. 15, 2013, the deadline to recertify is five years after the date the license was issued. More information can be found at https://troopers. ny.gov/Firearms.

In addition, the County Clerk’s Office is making appointments for those wishing to apply for a pistol permit. This is due to the increased volume of applications. Call the Erie County Clerk’s office at 858-8866 and provide your name, address and phone number. You will then be mailed an application and followed up with to schedule an appointment to begin the process.

I recognize the frustration this has caused many permit holders who do not agree with the SAFE Act. It is important though, that you recertify before this upcoming deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact my office by emailing edward.rath@erie.gov or calling 858-8676.

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