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2018-01-03 / Letters to the Editor

History made with Little Rock

I concur with Mr. Sherman on the excitement of the historical 75-minute ceremony for the commissioning of the USS Little Rock. It was crowned with emotional moments.

I was one of 8,000 people who brushed off the snow from the chairs to claim a seat for the ceremony.

The weather was cold. We dressed in layers but we are still alive.

In this season of peace and goodwill toward others, we ought not look for trouble. We ought to offer the blessings of Christmas to friend and foe alike. But should someone try to rattle our cage, they had best be aware of the phrase on the coat of arms on the USS Little Rock: “Back with a Vengeance.”

History was made in the Queen City. The ship has sailed off. May the peace and goodwill of Christmas always remain with us.

Gabriel Krafft
Casey Road
East Amherst

Commissioning a great occasion

The USS Little Rock commissioning was a great occasion for our city. David Sherman’s column in The Bee was wonderful. I was moved.

I tried to get tickets but could not. I saw the ceremony on TV and was on the waterfront when it left. The tugs, fireboat and Coast Guard vessels and even a fire truck made the departure special.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts. The column is now on my refrigerator.

Patricia Regan
Hastings Drive
Orchard Park

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