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2018-01-24 / Business

Daemen initiates college rescue squad

Daemen College has established the institution’s first-ever campus rescue squad, a student-run volunteer group that will provide emergency medical services to the college community.

The new Daemen College Rescue Squad will be fully operational at the start of spring semester classes. Created under the Division of Student Affairs, DCRS is made up of a core group of undergraduate and graduate students, including a majority in health sciences and human services majors, who are trained and certified as basic emergency medical technicians.

Development of DCRS was led by Robert Mead-Colegrove, assistant dean of campus life, who oversees the Office of Campus Safety. The rescue squad, which has been certified by the state Department of Health, will be dispatched through campus safety and will work closely with its officers.

According to college officials, during the development of DCRS, extensive research was conducted through the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation. Policies and procedures, practical training and other parameters were created, and equipment was obtained over the past year in preparation for launching the rescue squad.

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