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2018-01-31 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

Regarding the comment about Sheridan Hill cameras, my kids said it was about cameras on buses, not in the school. The comment was just to make sure they are behaving as if to make their parents proud. I don’t think it was meant to be as intimidating as some other parents misunderstood it to be. It’s a great school with wonderful teachers and leadership. I’m proud to send my kids there.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to the volunteer firemen at Harris Hill. They were so cooperative and helpful to set up a Vision Main Street meeting at the fire hall. Thanks again.

Does everyone know that the Russell Salvatore Outpatient PT and OT Department at Brothers of Mercy is now open? I personally find the state-of-the-art equipment very help, and the staff is very knowledge and eager to get you feeling better. It’s another hidden gem in Clarence.

Clarence taxpayers should seriously question the creation of a pocket park on Main Street in The Hollow. Minutes away from the town park, the need for a park or parking lot with the cost of year-round maintenance cannot be justified. The expense of such an area should be borne by the commercial ventures the parking lot will benefit.

At the Jan. 17 town board meeting, the agenda did not include public participation on agenda items only with a limit of three minutes per speaker. Was that an oversight, or is the Clarence Town Board eliminating the public from addressing issues that may concern town residents? The Town of Hamburg allows residents to speak on issues at the time they are being discussed prior to a vote by the Hamburg Town Board. Will public participation on agenda items be included as in the past at future town meetings?

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