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2018-02-07 / Editorials

One last reminder for pistol permit recertification

Erie County Legislator

By the time this column goes to print, the pistol permit recertification deadline for Erie County residents will have passed. If you haven’t recertified your permit, please get that done as soon as you can by either going online to troopers. ny.gov/firearms/ or setting up an appointment with Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns’ office by calling 858-8866. The New York State Police have stated they will accept recertifications past the deadline, and they do not plan to confiscate weapons from those who failed to recertify by the Jan. 31 deadline. However, it’s still important to recertify as soon as you can.

I held two pistol permit recertification outreaches, one in Akron and one in Amherst. Both were very well attended, but it was clear that many people were confused by the process. New York State’s communication with permit holders was nothing short of disastrous. Because of provisions in the SAFE Act introduced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, this was the first year individuals needed to recertify. Talking with residents, they want to make sure they were following the law but lacked a lot of the necessary details from New York State to help them do that. It was frustrating for everyone.

Thank you to Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns, who has done the best he can on the local level to get everyone recertified and to publicize the deadline date. He’s held outreaches across every inch of the county to try to bring the recertification process to residents and answer their questions. It’s been a great help and certainly has made a tricky process a little bit easier.

Last week I wrote to the Erie County Department of Public Works commissioner regarding the poor condition of Goodrich Road in Clarence and specifically Goodrich between Keller Road and Greiner Road. I did a spot check of the road, knowing it’s often been considered a problem road in Erie County. I was shocked at what I saw. During my visit, I saw several cars have to leave the lane to avoid the poor road conditions. The shoulder where pedestrians and bicyclists should be normally safe to travel is slowly eroding away, creating a dangerous situation for them also. The pedestrian traffic continues to increase in this area, and I strongly support looking at widening the road. It would go a long way to ensuring the public’s safety in the area.

I know road work is expensive, and I know it’s a clichĂ© for politicians to stand up and yell “fix this road,” but we really do need to do better. Someone is going to get hurt. I’m hopeful that until the timeline for the full project is concluded, we can at least see some temporary remedial work.

Interested in the Erie County conservation tree and shrub seedling program? Head on over to ecswcd.org or call 652-8480, ext. 5, to get an order form. Thirty-eight species of trees and shrubs are available to residents. It’s a great conservation program that we’re hoping to expand.

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