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2018-03-07 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

More people need to make at least minimal effort to understand the school budget, not just the promos from school administrators, teachers and The Clarence Bee. I strongly feel The Bee does not give a true critical picture of the budget process. Many pages are devoted to school sports programs but no professional, critical analysis of the dollars of the school budget. How much money is set aside in special funding but increase our total tax bills? That method of funding can bypass the tax cap, then taxpayers have an automatically and incrementally added tax going forward for all future years.

The intersection of Greiner and Strickler has some of the most disregarded stop signs in the Town of Clarence. Even though it’s been a four-way stop for two years, cars go right through these stop signs both day and night. Tonight I saw a car go through the stop sign on Greiner even though two cars were waiting on the Strickler side. This is a prime example of the “no cop, don’t stop” attitude, as this intersection is rarely monitored by law enforcement.

The new tax cap for Clarence is not 2 percent but 4.7 percent, and Superintendent Hicks wants a 3.9 percent increase. That means another $72 increase on a $200,000 house, yet there is not one thing in the budget for safety measures to protect students and teachers. We have 22 teachers retiring, and we have decreasing enrollment. Does anyone really care?

I really appreciate the Clarence School District sending out the closing alert via text message, but I’m wondering why at the end it says #JimsSteakOutchickenandwafflesandwich. Pretty unprofessional, or are they getting money to do that?

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