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2018-03-07 / Local News

Crises Services gets grant to help sexual assault, domestic violence victims

Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service, Inc. recently announced it has received a $12,500 grant from the Garman Family Foundation in association with the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. These funds will support ongoing Crisis Services Advocate Program work on local college campuses in 2018. Co-located at four local college campuses, Crisis Services Advocates will support the emotional and psychological well-being of college students who are survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence by providing crisis intervention, supportive counseling, safety planning and campus-based advocacy.

Violence against women is a pervasive issue for women of all ages. However, according to Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, when compared to all women, college aged women are three times more likely to experience sexual violence. Results from the National Crime Victimization Survey found that sexual violence is so prevalent at college campuses compared to other crimes that college-aged women are two times more likely to be sexually assaulted than robbed. A sexual assault or violent relationship can hinder or even end a student’s educational pursuits if not addressed. Unfortunately, the NCVS also found that less than one in five female student victims of rape and sexual assault received assistance from a victim services agency. Crisis Services has long sought to address this problem by co-locating staff which are designated Rape Crisis Counselors and Domestic Violence Advocates on local campuses. Today, Crisis Services enjoys an established history with participating colleges who have opened up their campuses to the support of the Advocate Program.

The principal aim of the award is to increase the number of on-campus referrals to the Crisis Services Advocate Program in order to reach as many survivors as possible. As such, mitigating the negative effects of trauma and helping students achieve their educational goals. Further, this grant will solidify the strong foundation that the Crisis Services Advocate Program has built in collaboration with campus partners at local colleges and universities.

“Our partnership with Crisis Services has been one of the best collaborative developments in my many years working in student life,” said Tony Spina, assistant vice president of student life at D’Youville College.

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