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2018-04-18 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

Just a question for all Town of Clarence residents: who do you feel is more rotten right now, Andrew Cuomo and all his buddies in Albany or your town assessor’s office and town board members? Sadly, we can’t ever do anything about the people in Albany, but we can do something in Clarence come election time for the board members.

There were no Republican takers at the kids’ town hall meeting because they value the Constitution and want to preserve the second amendment. Do these kids not learn history at school and know what happens when guns are taken away from law-abiding citizens? Why don’t they plan a protest against texting and driving, which kills about 10 teens a day — way more than guns do.

To the person who supports Chris Collins’ decision to skip the student-organized Town Hall for Our Lives Rally and who feels that these children, who are really young adults (not kids), should direct their anger at failed government policies, you fail to recognize that Chris Collins is a part of the government and that he should be helping to fix those failed policies. Collins should be listening to all his constituents, not just those who support his campaign or who own guns. No one is saying that people shouldn’t own guns, but this goes beyond guns. Mr. Collins has not been willing to hold town hall meetings or listen to his constituency on any issues. He prefers closed-door meetings. In my humble opinion, he is failing to truly represent his district as a whole and is a coward for doing so. He should be listening to the public, all the public.

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