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2018-04-25 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

I’m calling concerning Bergtold Road in Clarence. The street needs to be looked to have a stop sign placed at Autumn Trail. This would help the residents of Brothers of Mercy. Once the weather gets nice, they’ll be walking on the road. The people who use this road need to adhere to the speed limit. A stop sign in the middle of the street would greatly assist the residents, and it would reduce the speed, to which there is nothing right now limiting anyone driving down the street. They do not adhere to the speed limit.

I’m calling about the intersection of Ransom Road and Bergtold Road in Clarence. There’s a lot of traffic that uses Bergtold Road, and there’s no stop sign at the intersection on Ransom to slow traffic down. Interestingly, Ransom Road is almost 3 miles long in the Town of Clarence, and there’s not one stop sign to impede the speed of traffic anywhere on the road The town needs to really look at this intersection; it’s a high-use area. Although there have not been a lot of accidents, this could help with the residents transiting the area Please look at placing stop signs on Ransom Road at the Bergtold Road intersection.

To the person who supports the Republicans skipping the gun violence town hall by local teenagers and ask if those kids learned history at school and know what happens when guns are taken away from law-abiding citizens, if he’s referring to Hitler in World War II, actually after the Versailles Treaty, the entire country was disarmed.

To the person who believes that the youth of America needs to know the Constitution, he needs to clarify his statement. The kids are not advocating to take guns away. They are advocating that you must be 21 to have an automatic weapon. There is a great difference.

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