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2018-04-25 / Police Blotter

Newspaper delivery causes alarm

Saturday, April 14

Deputies responded to a disturbance at an address on Main Street. An intoxicated woman said her sister had attacked her. The caller was not injured, and an incident report was completed. There were no charges.

A resident of Ashwood Court reported that his adult son was causing a problem and would not leave. The man left prior to the arrival of patrol.

Sunday, April 15

• A resident of Cameron Drive reported that two men with flashlights were cutting through yards. Patrol checked the area with negative results.

A resident at a Main Street motel said he feels that someone is messing with his food and is venting fumes into his apartment.

Monday, April 16

A 911 hang-up call came in from a residence on Eastbrook Place. A man was trying to make a conference call.

Deputies responded to the Pesci’s Pizza on Main Street for a report of a suspicious man who was harassing people. The man was panhandling in the plaza. He was picked up by a family member.

Tuesday, April 17

A suspicious vehicle was reported in the parking lot of Antique World. The owner of the property was aware that people have been sleeping in the vehicle.

Wednesday, April 18

A business owner called about an older white Nissan vehicle that had been abandoned in his parking lot. The vehicle was towed from the property.

A Main Street doctor’s office called about an unruly patient who would not leave the waiting room. The man left without incident after being advised by patrol.

Thursday, April 19

A resident of Brianna’s Nook reported that she thought there was a fire in a home that is under construction. It was a torpedo heater that was being used to keep a newly poured concrete floor warm.

Friday, April 20

A complainant called about a suspicious vehicle on Marina Drive. The caller said a red Jeep kept stopping at mailboxes. Patrol checked the area. It was the newspaper delivery person.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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