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2018-11-07 / Local News

County proceeds with repairs on Shisler Road

According to the Erie County Department of Public Works, the county plans to strip-pave Shisler Road this month and will perform a full mill and overlay on the road in spring 2019.

“This will provide much-needed short-term relief to residents and those who travel Shisler Road,” said Erie County Legislator Ed Rath. “When I visited the road a few weeks ago, it was in terrible condition and had potholes and cracks dangerous to drivers and pedestrians. While strip-paving will be a temporary fix to get us through the winter months, I am pleased to learn DPW has made Shisler Road a top priority early in 2019.”

Last month, Rath sent a letter to William Geary, the county’s Department of Public

Works commissioner, requesting that Shisler receive the attention it needs.

Rath also recently toured the damaged road and noted that he was “shocked” at the average speed of cars traveling down Shisler — a road with a 35-mph speed limit. He reached out to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, which installed a radar sign, according to Rath.

The county owns 88 miles of roadway in Clarence; only in the Town of Concord does the county own more. When the county decides which roads need repairing, officials have to weigh traffic volume in order to ensure that the dollars are going to the most heavily trafficked areas, meaning roads such as Shisler often get overlooked when it comes to repairs.

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